Does Verific support XMR?

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Q: Does Verific support cross module references (XMR)?

Verific fully supports XMR with "hierarchy tree" feature. Please refer to Hierarchy Tree

Without this product feature, support for XMR is full in analysis and static elaboration, and is very limited in RTL elaboration.

The main reason for limited support in RTL elaboration for XMR is that for Verilog, the order of elaboration of modules is nondeterministic. If module "foo" has not been elaborated, the elaborator will not be able to resolve "". As a collorary, without "hierarchy tree," "circular XMR," as in the testcase below (instance i1 refers to a signal in instance i2, and vice versa), is not supported:

   module sub2(out);
       output out;
       assign top.i1.out = 0;
   module sub1(out);
       output out;
       assign top.i2.out = 0;
   module top();
       sub1 i1();
       sub2 i2();

Note that for XMR support in RTL elaboration (even though limited), these runtime flags need to be enabled (set to 1) before design analysis:


A side effect: defparam containing interface instance reference (SystemVerilog) is not supported in RTL elaboration.