How to find port dimensions

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Q: How do I get port dimensions?

A port can have multiple (packed/unpacked) dimensions like "module test (input [1:0][2:3] in1 [4:5][6:7]);". Below is a code excerpt in C++:

 Array *port_arr = vgModule->GetPorts();
 VeriIdDef *port_id ;
 unsigned i;
 FOREACH_ARRAY_ITEM(port_arr, i, port_id) {
   if (!port_id) continue ;
   char* name = port_id->GetName();
   unsigned j=0 ;
   VeriRange *dim ;
   while (dim = port_id->GetDimensionAt(j++)) {
     VeriExpression *left = dim->GetLeft() ;    // Left range bound
     VeriExpression *right = dim->GetRight() ; // right range bound

For array (e.g. "module test (input [15:0] in1);"), it's sufficient to call GetDimensionAt(0) instead of the FOREACH loop as above.