How to get best support from Verific

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We here at Verific strive try to provide you with the best customer service.

But we need help from you. Please:

  • Identify your company and your group/business unit. Many of our customers have multiple Verific licenses, each with a different product configuration.
    On our file system, each of the licensee has a dedicated branch, and code cross-contamination is an absolute no-no. Identifying your company and your business unit will help us to use the appropriate code branch.
    Another way is to tell us the name/email address of the person in your company that frequently deal with Verific.
  • Tell us what Verific release you are using. The API "Message::ReleaseString()" returns something like "Jul17_SW_Release."
    Or you can just search for "ReleaseString" in util/Message.cpp.
  • Be clear and precise about the issue. Send us the log file if available; if not, a description of the symptom and the exact error/warning messages will help tremendously.
    If it is at all possible, send us a testcase that we can use to re-create the symptom. If there is a problem, that testcase can be used to verify that the problem has been fixed. By the way, the testcase you provide will be added to the regression testsuite for your code branch. It will not be shared with anyone/organization outside of Verific.
    The testcase should include Verilog/VHDL files, a TCL/Perl/Python script, or a C++ application exhibiting the symptom (current output), and the expected output,
  • If there are other EDA tools that run "correctly," please provide the names of the tools and their "correct" output. Do not just say, "Other tools accept the design" (then we will need to ask you the names of the tools).
  • Send email to If you want to send email to an individual Verific engineer, please cc
    This email address is monitored by multiple Verific engineers in different time zones, so you likely get a response faster. And if the Verific engineer you send email to happens to be out of the office, someone else can get back to you.
  • If the problem is resolved at your end, please inform us so we can close the issue.

Thank you very much.