How to get module ports from Verilog parsetree

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Q: From the Verilog parsetree, how can I get the ports of a module?

You can use the following APIs:

  • VeriModule::GetPorts() to get the ports (Array of VeriIdDef *) from a module.
  • VeriIdDef::IsInput()/IsOutput()/IsInout() to get the port direction
  • VeriIdDef::GetDimensions() to check if it's an array of ports (returning 0 for a single port)
  • VeriIdDef::IsInterfacePort() to check if it is an interface port.
  • VeriDataType::GetEnums(). If it returns non-NULL, the data type is enum.
  • VeriDataType::IsTypeRef() returns 1 for user defined data types.