How to ignore certain modules while analyzing input RTL files

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The code example below shows how to ignore certain modules in the input RTL files. The ignored modules will not be present in the parsetree.

C++ code:

#include "Array.h"
#include "Message.h"
#include "veri_file.h"
#include "veri_nl_file.h"
#include "VeriWrite.h"
#include "DataBase.h"

using namespace Verific ;

int main()
    Message::Msg(VERIFIC_INFO, 0, 0, "*** Read structural netlist 'bot.v' first");

    // Collect the names of the non-blackbox modules already in the Netlist Database
    // and add them to the 'ignore' list
    Library *lib = Libset::Global()->GetLibrary("work");
    if (lib) {
        Cell *cell;
        MapIter mi;
        FOREACH_CELL_OF_LIBRARY(lib, mi, cell) {
            if (cell->GetFirstNetlist()->IsBlackBox()) continue;
            const char *module_name = cell->Name();

    Message::Msg(VERIFIC_INFO, 0, 0, "*** Analyze 'bot.v' and 'top.v'");
    Array files(1) ;
    files.Insert("top.v") ;
    files.Insert("bot.v") ;
    if (!veri_file::AnalyzeMultipleFiles(&files, veri_file::SYSTEM_VERILOG)) return 1 ;
    Message::Msg(VERIFIC_INFO, 0, 0, "*** Elaborate");
    if (!veri_file::ElaborateAll()) return 2;

    Netlist *top = Netlist::PresentDesign() ;
    if (!top) {
        Message::PrintLine("Cannot find any handle to the top-level netlist") ;
        return 5 ;

    VeriWrite veriWriter;
    veriWriter.WriteFile("netlist_3.v", top) ;

    return 0 ;

RTL files:

// filename: top.v

module top (input a, b, output c, input i , output o);
  wire t1, t2;
  bot ua (.o(t1), .i(a));
  bot ub (.o(t2), .i(b));
  assign c = t1 & t2;
  foo uf (o, i);

// this module 'foo' will be ignored
module foo (output o, input i);
  not (o, i);

// filename: bot.v

module foo (output o, input i);
  buf (o, i);

module bot (output o, input i);
  foo f (.o(o), .i(i));


$ test3-linux
INFO: *** Read structural netlist 'bot.v' first
-- Reading structural Verilog file 'bot.v' (VNLR-1084)
bot.v(3): INFO: compiling module 'foo' (VNLR-1012)
bot.v(7): INFO: compiling module 'bot' (VNLR-1012)
bot.v(7): INFO: setting 'bot' as the top level module (VNLR-1015)
INFO: Ignoring module foo
INFO: Ignoring module bot
INFO: *** Analyze 'bot.v' and 'top.v'
-- Analyzing Verilog file 'top.v' (VERI-1482)
-- Analyzing Verilog file 'bot.v' (VERI-1482)
INFO: *** Elaborate
top.v(3): INFO: compiling module 'top' (VERI-1018)
-- Writing netlist 'top' to Verilog file 'netlist_3.v' (VDB-1030)

Output netlist:

// Verific Verilog Description of module top

module top (a, b, c, i, o);   // top.v(3)
    input a;   // top.v(3)
    input b;   // top.v(3)
    output c;   // top.v(3)
    input i;   // top.v(3)
    output o;   // top.v(3)

    wire t1;   // top.v(4)
    wire t2;   // top.v(4)

    bot ua (.o(t1), .i(a));   // top.v(5)
    bot ub (.o(t2), .i(b));   // top.v(6)
    and (c, t1, t2) ;   // top.v(7)
    foo uf (.o(o), .i(i));   // top.v(8)


// Verific Verilog Description of module bot

module bot (o, i);   // bot.v(7)
    output o;   // bot.v(7)
    input i;   // bot.v(7)

    foo f (.o(o), .i(i));   // bot.v(8)


// Verific Verilog Description of module foo

module foo (o, i);   // bot.v(3)
    output o;   // bot.v(3)
    input i;   // bot.v(3)

    buf (o, i) ;   // bot.v(4)