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Q: How do I tell the version of a Verific software release?

The APIs:


respectively return the release string (e.g. "Sep16_SW_Release") and the release date (e.g. "Thu Sep 29 17:57:37 2016").

Also, the tclmain application with -v option will output release data:

 [hoa@awing6 tclmain]$ ./tclmain-linux-O -v
 -- (c) Copyright 1999 - 2016 Verific Design Automation Inc. All rights reserved
 -- This code is dated being part of the Verific Sep16_SW_Release release : Thu Sep 29 17:57:37 2016
 Hello, init.tcl has been executed
 % exit
 [hoa@awing6 tclmain]$