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Verific's Parser Platform
  • SystemVerilog IEEE 1800-2005 / 2009 / 2012 parser, analyzer, and elaborators

  • VHDL IEEE 1076-1993 / 2002 / 2008 parser, analyzer, and elaborators

  • Verilog IEEE 1364-1995 / 2001 / 2005 pre-processor, parser, analyzer, and elaborators

  • Full mixed SystemVerilog / VHDL language support

  • UPF IEEE 1801-2009 / 2013 parser and analyzer

  • Verilog-AMS 2.3 parser and analyzer

  • PSL IEEE 1850 parser and analyzer for VHDL and Verilog

  • EDIF 2.0, SDF, Liberty parsers and analyzers

  • Hierarchical, technology independent database

  • Verilog netlist only parser

  • SystemVerilog

  • Verilog 2001

  • Verilog-AMS
HDL Language Synthesis

Verific Design Automation builds SystemVerilog and VHDL Parser Platforms which enable its customers to develop advanced EDA products quickly and at low cost. Verific's Parser Platforms are distributed as C++ source code and compile on all 32 and 64 bit Unix, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Verific's Parser Platforms are in production and development use today at numerous companies worldwide, from EDA start-ups to established Fortune 500 semiconductor vendors. Applications vary from formal verification to synthesis, simulation, emulation, virtual prototyping, in circuit debug, and design-for-test.

Some of the products you find us in are:

Achronix ACE
Aldec HES
Altera Quartus II
Altium Nexar
Apache Power Theater
Power Artist
Atrenta Bugscope
Ausdia TimeVision
Axiom @Verifier
Blue Pearl Blue Pearl Software Suite
Calypto SLEC, PowerPro
Concept Engineering RTLVision PRO
Excellicon ConMan
Forte CellMath Designer
HDL Works HDL Companion
Infineon Inway
Jasper JasperGold
Lattice ispLEVER
Magma FineSim
Quartz Formal
Microsemi Libero
NEC CyberWorkBench
NXP Semiconductor RTL DfT
Oasys RealTime Designer
Real Intent Ascent, Meridian
Rocketick RocketSim
Springsoft Certitude
Synopsys CHIPit
Tabula Stylus
Tektronix Clarus
Tiempo ACC
vSync Circuits vChecker
Xilinx ISE Design Suite


"We have employed Verific's SystemVerilog parser for several years within our internally developed EDA tools."

— Dan Smith, senior director, hardware engineering, NVIDIA

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