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  1. A customer wants to analyze/elaborate
  2. Access attributes of ports in parsetree
  3. Comment out a line using test-based design modification and parsetree modification
  4. Compile-time/run-time flags
  5. Constant expression replacement
  6. Create a Netlist Database from scratch (not from RTL elaboration)
  7. Cross-reference between the original RTL files and the elaborated netlist
  8. Defined macros become undefined - MFCU vs SFCU
  9. Design with System Verilog and Verilog 2001 files
  10. Design with VHDL-1993 and VHDL-2008 files
  11. Does Verific build CDFG?
  12. Does Verific support XMR?
  13. Does Verific support cross
  14. Does Verific support cross module references (XMR)?
  15. Extract clock enable
  16. General
  17. Getting instances' parameters
  18. How do I know
  19. How do I know what language a Netlist in the netlist database comes from?
  20. How to change name of id in Verilog parsetree
  21. How to check for errors in analysis/elaboration
  22. How to create a Netlist database from scratch (not from RTL input)
  23. How to find port dimensions
  24. How to get all Verilog files being analyzed
  25. How to get best support from Verific
  26. How to get enums from Verilog parsetree
  27. How to get library containing nested module
  28. How to get linefile information of macro definitions
  29. How to get module ports from Verilog parsetree
  30. How to get packed dimensions of enum
  31. How to get type/initial value of parameters
  32. How to identify packages being imported into a module
  33. How to ignore a (not used) parameter/generic in elaboration.
  34. How to ignore parameters/generics in elaboration
  35. How to make lives easier
  36. I'm using -v, -y,
  37. I have a design consisting of
  38. Included files associated with a Verilog source file
  39. Instance - Module binding order
  40. Logic optimization across hierarchy boundaries
  41. Macro Callback example
  42. Message handling
  43. Modules/design units with " default" suffix in their names
  44. Original RTL language
  45. Output file formats
  46. Pretty-print a module and the packages imported by the module
  47. Prettyprint all modules in the design hierarchy
  48. Prettyprint to a string
  49. Process -f file and explore the Netlist Database
  50. Process -f file and explore the Netlist Database (C++)

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